Brussels in 48 Hours

So, I haven’t blogged for a couple of months now and I have to say I’ve really missed it. However, I started a new job in the middle of summer and it’s somewhat preoccupied me – not in a bad way, I absolutely love it! But it has meant that balancing everything has been a bit of a challenge and blogging was the thing that I had to let slide in order to allow myself to settle into work whilst trying to maintain all the other things going on in my life!

Anyway last weekend the gals and I enjoyed a weekend away and I thought there was no better way to kick start my blogging again to tell you all about it…


When the Eurostar had a sale in the summer it seemed rude not to take advantage of it, so a few whatsapps later with my girlfriends and we’d booked return tickets to Brussels for a 48 hour trip!

It came around quicker than I’d thought and because I’d been super busy I hadn’t been my usual organised self of booking restaurants and writing a list of things to do – I thought I’d try ‘going with the flow’…crikey!

04:30 wakeup call on Saturday to catch an early train to Belgium, we met at St Pancras with our rucksacks packed with overnight clothes, coffee, croissants and more importantly prosecco for the journey!


We arrived mid-morning to a dreary city, but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we walked into the centre, excited for the weekend ahead. Greeted by one of the most beautiful squares I’ve seen in the whole of Europe, ‘Grand Place’, we had our obligatory photoshoot and Instagram story updates.



We then wondered around the streets, popping into chocolate shops, peering into the boutiques and stopping for a coffee at the most gorgeous little café ‘Méert’ for a vanilla latte…we were feeling very much at home!




The whole day was spent mulling around and taking in the sites but we made sure to see Mont des Arts, Brussels Parliament Building, The Cathedral and the Royal Palace. We couldn’t arrive back home without having ticked off some culture during the trip!



In the afternoon we went through Parc de Bruxelles which was surrounded by grand buildings and wide roads that really reminded me of Paris! But it was really feeling like autumn and we were quite lucky that the weather held out for the day, as we heard that it was raining non stop in London.



Without boring you all with our absolute nightmare of an AirBnB experience – in a nutshell it was rubbish. We waited 3/4 hours to get let into the flat which we found in a state. We fortunately got our money refunded and prayed that the nearest hotel would have space for us to crash. It did and in the end we got refunded for that too. We lucked out and got the suite which was 10000% better than the flat, even if it had been clean!

We all got ready for the night and headed out for dinner and stumbled across a local restaurant where we had a rather strange mix of Lebanese, Italian, American and English food…!


After dinner we headed to the centre of Brussels to see the Grand Place in the dark and it was stunning – completely lit up! Well worth the walk back into town which we were unsure whether to do. If you are here for a short time, this is a must because it is just beautiful and the photos don’t do it justice!





We wanted to go for a couple of drinks post dinner and hopped from cocktail bar, to dingy bar, and after a couple of tequila shots, a very cramped bar/club – where we danced to Single Ladies by Beyoncé until 3am!

The next morning we woke early to try and secure Glasto tickets, with no luck. However despite our slightly sore heads and torrential rain outside, we didn’t let it damped our spirits and we googled the best brunch places of the city…we were on the hunt for avo!





We’d found it – Creme Brussels – and so had everyone else looking for something to do on a wet Sunday morning in Brussels (!) We had to wait about 30 minutes for a table, but it definitely was worth the wait – not only for the gorgeous interior, but the range of classic insta brunch dishes on offer, from Oreo pancakes, acai bowls, egg dishes with sides of halloumi, falafel, avo and bacon! It was delish!





Full of brunch, we spent the rest of the day wandering round the streets, munching on waffles and of course going to visit the oh-so-famous ‘Manneken Pis’ which I can tell you is almost as unimpressive as Copenhagen’s mermaid! However a must-see nonetheless.






Our last spot of culture was the Museum of Modern Art which was set in an impressive building, but our tiredness had hit us mid afternoon and so we didn’t last long before opting for local cafe.



We lounged on the comfy armchairs until we needed to head to the station for our train home. It was the most chilled day and a perfect way to soak up the city without rushing around. I also haven’t laughed so much in a long time, so although I needed a bit of a detox from wine and food when I got back to London, I definitely got my fix of fun during the 48 hours!


These girls are the best friends anyone could ask for and who knows what I would do without them. It’s easy to forget the special bond we have, but weekends like this serve to remind us all! We now just need to decide where our next weekend getaway will be, to make more memories and have more laughs! Any suggestions welcome, just comment below…

IH xo

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