About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog and I – India Hattersley.

I’m 24, born and bred in Yorkshire and now living the big city life down in London. Having finished university and embarking on ‘real life’ I have created this space to showcase my love of travel, food, beauty and everything that comes in-between.

Over the last couple of years, particularly the past 12 months, I feel as though I’ve got my life right on the track that I want. Since having to fend for myself at university in Durham – organising my life’s direction, day-to-day timetabling, as well as maintaining hunger levels through student cooking, I have discovered more about myself than at any other point of time in my life. They warn you of this before you start, but I never believed them.

The time I had without my head in a textbook was spent either in the gym, shopping, making travel plans or in a tiny kitchen which lacked a decent supply of utensils.

Undoubtedly many of you will also spend time doing these things, I can hardly claim shopping to be a uniquely skillful hobby! However, I soon came to realise that these things occupied the majority of my mind-space and I suddenly found myself drifting into thoughts of new recipes, latest trends and alternative workouts, when I should have been reading the latest lecture notes. I knew that the passion I felt was not simply a girl’s mind day-dreaming, but a direction.

My newfound positivity has spurred me to focus and channel my energy into creating a life that I want for myself – something that is harder to obtain than many people think. Through a balanced regime of eating and working out, my lifestyle completely changed, I grew in confidence, fuelling my passion for beauty and fashion, whilst being lucky enough to travel and explore the world. Negativity for me was no longer an issue when I had these things in my life.

A good attitude and mind is all you need.

Balancing all of this on top of a graduate job in London has been difficult, especially with the ‘perfect’ lives of other bloggers constantly filling my insta-feed. However, I hope that my genuine and real perspective on life gives others hope and enjoyment whether that is through watching my travel vlogs, recreating my recipes or buying a beauty product that I’ve recommended. My life is very, very real and I hope that this is reflected in my posts and website.

I would love to hear from any of you, so please feel free to drop me a message.

IH xo